About Us

           Establishing a company was never something on our high school bucket list. However, one day we had a sudden vision and pursued it. The idea came to us while we were studying for a test at the library. Moving from study partners to business partners, we became the proud creators of the Astro Belt™.

           We saw OverTheFly as an opportunity. Between the two of us, we have a strong interest in fashion and entrepreneurship and we've never seen a major trend in waist apparel. Hats and shoes, sure, but not belts. We wanted to bring you something new with the Astro Belt™. Our belts and buckles are interchangeable, so you can create an endless number of colorways. Conservative colors can give you a more formal look, or you can be flashy with a bold color combination. They are waterproof, durable, 100% recyclable, animal-friendly, and one size fits all. There's nothing like them - Astro belts™ are for everyone. 

           Our company has changed drastically since we founded it in 2012. OverTheFly has been featured on a number of well-known media outlets/websites such as My TV20 and Fab.com. We also presented our business plan at the DECA International Career Development Conference and won 1st place in the Entrepreneurship Growing Your Business Event. Today, our belts can be found in retailers around the country and we have gained widespread support from our community. As ambitious entrepreneurs, we push to provide the latest and best fashion accessories to our constantly growing fanbase and aim to see continual growth of our business in the years to come. 

          We wouldn't be where we are today without the support from our community. We strive to operate OverTheFly around the saying, "It is important to do good business and good in the community at the same time." We have raised money at various events for a number of organizations, and on top of this, we are always making donations to different charities through OTF+, our line of limited edition Astro Belts. Check out OTF+ to learn more about these charities and what we are doing to help out.

 -Andrew Jacob & Andre Najmolhoda, Founders